Company profile


Facts and Figures
Foundation: November 1, 1948
Locations: 69 sales locations in 20 countries
27 production sites in 11 countries
14 development and design locations in 5 countries
Headquarters:    Tokyo, Japan
Our network: Alps Alpine has locations in Japan and around the world - in North and South America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Korea and Greater China. Wherever Alps Alpine operates, we contribute to the growth of the electronics industry and build trusting relationships with customers and local communities.
Net sales:    933.1 billion yen (consolidated, as of March 31, 2023)

Employees:             approximately 30,000 (as of March 2023)

Alps Alpine Co. Ltd.
Founded in Japan in 1948, Alps Alpine Co. Ltd. is one of the world's largest independent manufacturers of electromechanical components and infotainment products for vehicles. Headquartered in Tokyo, Alps Alpine has approximately 100 group companies throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. With the highest level of expertise and reliability, Alps Alpine develops, manufactures and markets next-generation electromechanical components, infotainment and mobility lifestyle products such as audio, display, communication and drive assist worldwide.


Facts and Figures
Locations: European Headquarter and Sales Office Unterschleißheim / Munich
Sales Office Düsseldorf
Sales Office Stuttgart
Sales Office Wolfsburg
Sales Office Frölunda (Gothenburg)
Sales Office Milton Keynes
Sales Office Milan
Sales Office Paris

Employees:     640 (as of March 2023)

Alps Alpine Europe GmbH
Alps Alpine Europe GmbH is a subsidiary of Alps Alpine Co. Ltd. and has been serving European customers for more than 40 years. Our European headquarters, based in Munich, brings together a team of specialists from the fields of sales, marketing, technology and research and development.
Together with our sales offices in many other major cities such as Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Wolfsburg, Gothenburg, Milton Keynes, Milan and Paris, Alps Alpine Europe GmbH employs around 640 people. Alps Alpine also has production sites in Ireland, the Czech Republic and Hungary, primarily to serve our European customers.
In close proximity to our customers, we are already involved in the development phase and build close partnerships with our valued customers to provide them with solutions based on innovative products and technologies that create added value.
We manage the sales, marketing and product engineering activities of our European locations from Munich. Thanks to our central location in Europe and good networking, we have short distances to our customers and can deliver our high-quality products quickly.
Other production facilities in the ALPS-ALPINE Group operate in the Czech Republic, Ireland and Hungary.
Employees from almost 50 different nations from all over the world work for our sales offices in Europe. Due to our Japanese roots and the large number of nationalities, English is our corporate language. Our corporate culture is characterized by working in an international environment as well as respectful cooperation.


The Segments
Alps Alpine operates its business in three segments:
          ✓ Components
          ✓ Sensors & Communication
          ✓ Modules & Systems.

The Sectors
Our products and services are designed to meet the needs of customers in many different sectors, including
          ✓ Automotive
          ✓ Consumer electronics
          ✓ mobile devices
          ✓ Gaming markets.


Our customers in Europe are
          ✓ Automotive manufacturers
          ✓ TIER1 suppliers
          ✓ other global players.

You can find more detailed information about our company history here.


Innovative values for people and society on a more beautiful planet
Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, robots, autonomous driving... the world already has technologies that support Society 5.0 - the concept of reconciling economic development with solving social problems. However, further innovation is needed to address a variety of issues, such as ageing populations and declining birth rates, shrinking populations in rural areas, and inequalities in wealth and information literacy. There are also limits to human capabilities, and circumstances sometimes restrict people in their work and areas of activity. This means that no technology or service, however advanced, will succeed if it is too complicated or too cumbersome.
User-friendly interfaces and sensors will increasingly be the key to realizing services that enable everyone to lead a comfortable, high-quality and vital lifestyle, regardless of individual abilities and environment. Alps Alpine has the potential to contribute to solutions with its activities, as we are an innovative company that uses both hardware and software technologies to create comfort/emotion, safety and environmental values. In the automotive industry in particular, software is becoming increasingly important with the development of software-defined vehicle architecture. We are therefore striving to combine our core competencies with software in order to adapt to the times and accelerate our growth.
Our Goal
Our goal is to develop products that enable user-friendly communication and relationships between humans and machines.

Innovations and Future
On January 1, 2019, Alps Electric Co, Ltd. and Alpine Electronics, Inc. integrated their businesses and relaunched as Alps Alpine Co, Ltd. Alps Alpine will continuously create synergies by leveraging the advantages of both companies.
As an innovative T-shaped company, our endeavor is to provide new values to customers by offering a wide range of electronic components and systems suitable not only for the automotive market but also for mobile devices, consumer electronics and the new sectors to meet diverse needs

Our activities are divided into three business areas:
  1. Mobile & Home
  2. Automotive and Energy
  3. Healthcare, Industrial and IoT.

Alps Alpine Europe - Building a company with significance
With the world population set to reach 10 billion by 2050 and the global economy set to double in the same period, urbanization, automation and rising living standards will significantly increase the demand for energy and services. Even if critical processes cannot be stopped, it is clear that energy-efficient solutions are urgently needed to reduce CO2 emissions.

Climate change is a complex and urgent issue, but we are convinced that we need to act now. Sustainability is a clear strategic priority for Alps Alpine with ambitious targets for 2030.

Stakeholders are looking for guidance and help in reducing CO2 emissions, and at the same time the industry is - rightly - under increasing pressure from consumers, investors and regulators to take swift and effective action on environmental, social and governance issues.

We need to promote and use sustainability in discussions with our stakeholders, because together we can be the solution and provide solutions.

Energy efficiency and the circular economy are the most cost-effective way to reduce CO2 emissions and represent a great opportunity for "Business with a Meaning" worldwide.

Reducing direct emissions from our factories and buildings (Scope 1), indirect emissions from electricity and district heating (Scope 2) and upstream and downstream emissions improvements in our value chain (Scope 3) are already taken for granted in today's world.

In addition, Alps Alpine focuses on the total emissions (Scope 4) that are avoided by our customers through the use of energy-efficient products and solutions from Alps Alpine in the following areas

1. Decarbonization. With attractive Alps Alpine solutions to accelerate the transition to the use of renewable energies, e.g. by making urban transportation by e-bike safe and a real professional alternative to the car.
2. Circular Economy. Using fewer products and services by reusing assets, materials and transportation. We provide ideas to realize a circular economy and offer real value and benefits such as our asset tracking solutions that make the reuse of products visible and profitable for our customers while reducing traffic and material waste in a smart logistics world.
3. Efficiency. We use less energy to deliver the same number of products and services to the market. We offer solutions to monitor energy efficiency and use machines and equipment more productively, for example with our industrial condition monitoring solutions and efficiency-enhancing coreless current sensors.
A fourth industrial revolution, which makes use of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, is taking shape and is based on an increasingly sophisticated communication infrastructure. In the automotive industry, the so-called CASE trends (connected cars, autonomous driving, sharing and services and electric vehicles) and MaaS (Mobility as a Service) are bringing about a fundamental structural change. These developments are fundamentally changing the way we work and live our lives. At the same time, a variety of business models with different customers are expected to emerge in the energy, healthcare and industrial markets.
This broad portfolio offers challenges and interesting fields of activity for a wide range of professional groups and specialists.
Our core business areas
          ✓ Sales
          ✓ Engineering
          ✓ Strategic Business Development
          ✓ Supply Chain

are permanently supported by our expert teams in the areas of
          ✓ Corporate & Sales Planning
          ✓ HR
          ✓ General Affairs
          ✓ Legal
          ✓ Finance
          ✓ IT

through professional support, advice on regular change management and the use of efficient systems.
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